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Logo Minnesota Timberwolves
Name Minnesota Timberwolves
Founded 1989
About The Minnesota Timberwolves are a professional basketball team based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The team was found in 1989. Arena: Target Center.
Division Northwest
Arena Target Center
First Name Kevin
Last Name Garnett
Number 21
Photo Kevin Garnett
Country USA
Birthday 19.05.1976
Height 211
Weight 114.8
First Name Kevin
Last Name Martin
Number 23
Photo Kevin Martin
Country USA
Birthday 01.02.1983
Height 201
Weight 92.5
First Name Robbie
Last Name Hummel
Number 4
Photo Robbie Hummel
Country USA
Birthday 08.03.1989
Height 206
Weight 99.3
First Name Andrew
Last Name Wiggins
Number 22
Photo Andrew Wiggins
Country Canada
Birthday 23.02.1995
Height 203
Weight 90.3
First Name Gorgui
Last Name Dieng
Number 5
Photo Gorgui Dieng
Country Senegal
Birthday 18.01.1990
Height 211
Weight 105.7