PHP Generator Feature Demo

This demo application contains 100+ pages to explain most of the features provided by PHP Generator for MySQL. You can investigate it online or download the demo project from our website and run the demo on your webserver.

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Data Grid

Pages showing common data grid features.

Table View

Table view is the default option for all pages.

Card View

Card view is an alternative way to browse data. It allows you to get a 100% responsive page without any custom settings.Watch video

Autohiding Columns

To make a table view responsive, define column visibilities for each display resolution (mobile, tablet, desktop, and large desktop).Watch video


You can display summaries (Sum, Average, Count, etc) for all or certain grid columns.

Grid Header

This property is used to display a brief description of the page.

Column Grouping

You can organize columns in logical groups and display them using multi-row header representation.

Record Comparison

Compare records and find identical/different values in a couple of clicks.Watch video

Unicode Support

It is possible to display and edit data in any language.

Custom Drawing

You can easily change default appearance of any grid row depending on the row data.

Custom Table Template

This page demonstrates how it is possible to define a custom template for a grid view.

Custom Card Template

This page demonstrates how it is possible to define a custom template for a card view.

Custom View Form

This page demonstrates how to define a custom template for a single record view form.

Grid Columns

Pages that illustrate column-specific features such as formatting, hyperlinks, etc.

Column Types

This page presents all the supported data grid column types.

Text Truncating

It is possible to truncate long text values.

Column Fixed Width

You can specify exact width for certain data grid column(s).


You can use various formatting options for columns, such as font, alignment, and even inline styles.

Null Label

It is possible to define a custom character string that will be displayed when a NULL value is stored in the database.


You can display the contents of a grid cell as a hyperlink.

Image Galleries

All page images can be viewed in a galery mode.

Custom Rendering

You can control the rendering of each cell via the OnCustomRenderColumn event.

Grid Options

Examples for a number data grid options.

Fixed Grid Width

You can limit the maximum width of the data grid.

Fixed Column Header

It is possible to get the grid header non-scrollable.

Bordered Table

Turn this option ON for borders on all sides of the grid and cells.

Condensed Table

This option allows you to make the grid more compact by cutting cell padding in half.

Line Numbers

There is also an option to display row numbers.

Control Buttons Position

It is possible to place the control buttons on the left (default) or on the right side of the data grid.

Data Sources

Learn more about data sources your pages can be based on.


Learn how to use a table as page data source.


Learn how to use a view as page data source.

Non-Updatable Query

Learn how to use a read-only query as page data source.

Updatable Query

Learn how to use an updatable query as page data source.

Master-Detail Views

Examples of various kinds of master/detail presentations.

Master/Detail Basics

A basic example of master/detail features provided by PHP Generator.

Multiple Details

It is possible to have multiple detail views for a single master view.

Nested Details

Nested detail views are also supported. There is no limit to the depth of nesting.

Card Mode Details

Starting from the version 16.9 inline details (and all the related features) are also supported for card views.

Data Input Forms

Pages showing common Edit and Insert form features including custom templates.

Separate Page

By default View, Edit, Insert, and Copy forms are displayed on a separate page.

Modal Window

It is also possible to insert, view, edit, and copy data using modal windows.

Inline Editing

Inline editing allows you to insert, edit, and copy records directly in the data grid.

Custom Separate Page

Define your own templates to customize Edit and Insert forms in a separate page.

Custom Modal Dialog

Define your own templates to customize Edit and Insert modal dialogs.

Custom Inline Form

Define your own templates to customize Edit and Insert inline forms.

Wizard Form

Learn how to how to split a data input form into multiple steps.

Adding multiple records

This page displays how to quickly add multiple records.

Form Layouts

Customize Edit, Insert, and View forms with just a few lines of code.Watch video

Editors Overview

This page demonstarates all the data editors provided by our software.


PHP Generator provides support for both control level and form level client-side data validation.

Client-side API

Get full control over the Edit and Insert forms via the client-side events.

Dependent Lookups

Learn how to implement cascading lookup controls using client-side events.

On-the-Fly Adding

Add missing data items to lookup controls directly from Edit and Insert forms.Watch video

Quick Edit

You can change the value of a grid cell even without having to go to an Edit form.


Each page is dedicated to a certain edit control provided by PHP Generator.


A single-line plain text edit control.

Text Area

A multi-line plain text edit control.

Spin & Range

Allow users to edit numeric values with ease.


A drop-down list for selecting among a set of options.

Radio Group

Allows to select one of a limited number of choices.


Use this editor for lookup columns when the lookup datasource has a large amount of records.

Multiple Select

Allows to select multiple values from a drop-down list.

Checkbox Group

Allows to select multiple values from a set of checkboxes.

Upload To Folder

Use this editors to upload a file or an image to a specified folder.

HTML Wysiwyg

A powerful editor to add and edit HTML content without any coding knowledge.

Multi-level Autocomplete

Allows to select a value using cascading selects.

Common Properties

These properties are supported for all editors.

Data Filtering

Provides examples of usage of built-in and user-defined data filtering tools.

Quick Filter

The Quick Filter tool allows you to quickly search across all rows.

Filter Builder

Filter Builder is the most flexible and powerful data filtering tool provided by PHP Generator.Watch video

Column Filter

Column filter allows you to filter data against a specific column.Watch video

Preliminary Filter

You can display data only after providing one or more filter conditions.

Custom Filter

Learns how to create a simple custom filter panel.


Learn how to sort your data in various ways.

Sort By Click

This page explains how to sort data by single or multiple columns using the column header.

Sort By Dialog

Another way to sort data is to use the Sort dialog window.

Default Sort Order

It is also possible to specify the default sort order for a page.


Provides examples of all kinds of data partitioning supported by PHP Generator.


Range partitioning means that each partition contains rows for which the partitioning expression value lies within a given range.


In the list partitioning each partition is defined and selected based on the membership of a column value in one of a set of value lists.


If neither range nor list partitioning is suitable for your needs, you can define a couple of PHP functions to split data to different partitions in any way you like.

Exporting & Printing

Learn more about exporting and printing possibilities.


It is possible to export and print the whole grid.

Single Record

You can also export and print a single record from a View form or directly from the data grid.

Export Options

Some advanced export options can be configured via the OnGetCustomExportOptions event.

Custom Templates

Both Export and Print views can be customized via the OnGetCustomTemplate event.


Charts are one of the most intuitive way to display the data. Study the pages below to learn how create and customize your charts.

Pie Chart

An example of a simple Pie chart with default settings.Watch video

Column Chart

A simple Column chart, also with default settings.Watch video

Bar Chart

A Bar chart with a couple of series.

Line Chart

An example of a multiple series Line chart.

Area Chart

An example of an Area chart.

Geo Charts

An example of a geographical chart.

Multiple Charts

It is possible to place multiple charts on any of generated pages.Watch video

Chart Placement

Charts can be placed above or below the data grid.Watch video

Customizing Charts

You can customize any chart according to your needs with the OnPrepareChart event.Watch video


It is also possible to create dashboard-like pages i.e. pages that consist only of charts.

Many-to-Many Relations

Learn how to manage many-to-many relationships with PHP Generator.

Classic Junction Table

Handling many-to-many relationships: classic junction table.

Handling Extra Columns

Handling many-to-many relationships: junction table with extra columns.

Fine-tuning & Tweaking

Think you are familiar with all the features of PHP Generator? OK, now it is time to study the pages in this group.

Custom Icons

Change the default set of icons to your own.

Custom Theme

Customize any of color themes that comes with PHP Generator.

Custom Editor

Investigate how it is possible to use a third-party edit control in data input forms.

Page Embedding

Learn how to embed a generated page into an existing website.

Ajax-based Validation

Implement client-side data validation using the Ajax technique.


Provides examples of sending emails from server-side events.

Basic Usage

A simple example of sending an email from a server-side event.

Advanced Usage

A more complex example of sending an email from a server-side event.