Memphis Grizzlies roster

Logo Name Founded About Division
Memphis Grizzlies Memphis Grizzlies 1995 The Memphis Grizzlies are a professional basketball team based in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. Along with the Toronto Raptors, the Grizzlies were established in 1995 in Vancouver, British Columbia as part of the NBA's expansion into Canada, and relocated to Memphis in 2001. The team's majority owner is Michael Heisley, who controls a 95% share of the franchise; the remaining 5% is controlled by several local owners, including AutoZone founder J. R. ("Pitt") Hyde, his wife Barbara Hyde, equity manager Staley Cates, and former NBA player and University of Memphis point guard Elliot Perry. Southwest

First Name Last Name Number Photo Country Birthday Height Weight
Vince Carter 15 Vince Carter USA 26.01.1977 198 99.8
Marc Gasol 33 Marc Gasol Spain 29.01.1985 216 120.2
Jeff Green 8 Jeff Green USA 28.08.1986 206 106.6
Tony Allen 9 Tony Allen USA 11.01.1982 193 96.6
Zach Randolph 50 Zach Randolph USA 16.07.1981 206 117.9
Beno Udrih 19 Beno Udrih Slovenia 05.07.1982 191 93.0
Mike Conley 11 Mike Conley USA 11.10.1987 185 79.4
Courtney Lee 5 Courtney Lee USA 03.10.1985 196 90.7