Sacramento Kings roster

Logo Name Founded About Division
Sacramento Kings Sacramento Kings 1945 The Sacramento Kings are a professional team based in Sacramento, California, United States. The team was found in 1945 as Rochester Royals (Rochester, New York) and joined NBA in 1948. In 1957, the Royals were moved to Cincinnati, Ohio. In in 1972 the team were moved to Kansas City. The Royals were renamed the Kings because Kansas City already had the Royals baseball team. The Kings moved to their current home of Sacramento, California in the 1985-86 NBA season. Pacific

First Name Last Name Number Photo Country Birthday Height Weight
Rudy Gay 8 Rudy Gay USA 17.08.1986 203 104.3
DeMarcus Cousins 15 DeMarcus Cousins USA 13.08.1990 211 122.5
Darren Collison 7 Darren Collison USA 23.08.1987 183 79.4
Jason Thompson 34 Jason Thompson USA 21.07.1986 211 113.4
Ben McLemore 23 Ben McLemore USA 11.02.1993 196 88.5