Data Input Forms

Pages showing common Edit and Insert form features including custom templates.

Separate Page

By default View, Edit, Insert, and Copy forms are displayed on a separate page.

Modal Window

It is also possible to insert, view, edit, and copy data using modal windows.

Inline Editing

Inline editing allows you to insert, edit, and copy records directly in the data grid.

Custom Separate Page

Define your own templates to customize Edit and Insert forms in a separate page.

Custom Modal Dialog

Define your own templates to customize Edit and Insert modal dialogs.

Custom Inline Form

Define your own templates to customize Edit and Insert inline forms.

Wizard Form

Learn how to how to split a data input form into multiple steps.

Adding multiple records

This page displays how to quickly add multiple records.

Form Layouts

Customize Edit, Insert, and View forms with just a few lines of code.Watch video

Editors Overview

This page demonstarates all the data editors provided by our software.


PHP Generator provides support for both control level and form level client-side data validation.

Client-side API

Get full control over the Edit and Insert forms via the client-side events.

Dependent Lookups

Learn how to implement cascading lookup controls using client-side events.

On-the-Fly Adding

Add missing data items to lookup controls directly from Edit and Insert forms.Watch video

Quick Edit

You can change the value of a grid cell even without having to go to an Edit form.

Multi Edit

You can update multiple records at a time.

Custom Default Values

You can provide a non-trivial default value for a column in the Insert form.