Charts are one of the most intuitive way to display the data. Study the pages below to learn how create and customize your charts.

Pie Chart

An example of a simple Pie chart with default settings.Watch video

Column Chart

A simple Column chart, also with default settings.Watch video

Bar Chart

A Bar chart with a couple of series.

Line Chart

An example of a multiple series Line chart.

Area Chart

An example of an Area chart.

Geo Charts

An example of a geographical chart.

Stepped Area

An example of a couple Stepped Area charts.


An example of a Candlestick chart.


An example of a Histogram chart.


An example of a Bubble chart.


An example of a Timeline chart.


An example of a Gantt chart.


An example of a Scatter chart.

Tree Map

An example of a Tree Map chart.

Multiple Charts

It is possible to place multiple charts on any of generated pages.Watch video

Chart Placement

Charts can be placed above or below the data grid.Watch video

Customizing Charts

You can customize any chart according to your needs with the OnPrepareChart event.Watch video


It is also possible to create dashboard-like pages i.e. pages that consist only of charts.