Data Grid.RSS

Id Release Date Title Description
1 2018-03-21 PHP Generators 18.3 released New version features a possibility of uploading multiple files and images, calculated columns, mass editing, linked images, brand new autocomplete editor, cascading comboboxes, enhanced event management, custom SQL statements for views and a lot of other useful things.
2 2017-12-04 PHP Generator Lite Edition released You're welcome to enjoy our new free yet powerful and easy-to-use tool for building data-driven web applications without any programming experience.
3 2017-09-28 MS Compact Maestro 17.9 released New version features updated data import and data export tools, colored tabs, enhanced data grids, performance and usability improvements, and a lot of other useful things.
4 2017-08-19 PostgreSQL Maestro 17.8 released New version introduces support for a number of PostgreSQL 10 new features including table partitioning and identity columns, custom colors for server nodes, database profile usage statistics, and some other interface enhancements.
5 2017-06-29 MS SQL Maestro 17.6 released New version features support for SQL Server 2017, support for row-level security policies, custom labels and colors for server nodes in Database Explorer, and some other useful things.
6 2017-06-23 PHP Generators released New version comes with optimized column filter, custom password encryption, enhanced event editor, new and updated events, auto-logout after an inactivity time and other new features.