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Code Name Continent Region Population
ABW Aruba North America Caribbean 103,000
AFG Afghanistan Asia Southern and Central Asia 22,720,000
AGO Angola Africa Central Africa 12,878,000
AIA Anguilla North America Caribbean 8,000
ALB Albania Europe Southern Europe 3,401,200
AND Andorra Europe Southern Europe 78,000
ANT Netherlands Antilles North America Caribbean 217,000
ARE United Arab Emirates Asia Middle East 2,441,000
ARG Argentina South America South America 37,032,000
ARM Armenia Asia Middle East 3,520,000
ASM American Samoa Oceania Polynesia 68,000
ATA Antarctica Antarctica Antarctica 0
ATF French Southern territories Antarctica Antarctica 0
ATG Antigua and Barbuda North America Caribbean 68,000
AUS Australia Oceania Australia and New Zealand 18,886,000
AUT Austria Europe Western Europe 8,091,800
AZE Azerbaijan Asia Middle East 7,734,000
BDI Burundi Africa Eastern Africa 6,695,000
BEL Belgium Europe Western Europe 10,239,000
BEN Benin Africa Western Africa 6,097,000